Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, we're here waiting for up to 6" of snow! Unbelievable. I am glad the seeds are in the ground though. They'll slow down but I still think they'll jump out of the ground as soon as we have a few days of consistent 60 degree weather. Keep your fingers crossed.

We've got a few exciting announcements -
1. We're very pleased to welcome our first intern/volunteer. Emily Rose Magner has volunteered to work here for a few months before she continues her studies in sustainable agriculture. She'll be completing her degree at Sterling College in Vermont in the fall and hopes to gain a little more experience with farming before she goes. She comes with a wealth of experience - I don't have her resume so I don't want to mis-state her experience but when you meet her, ask her about her prior experiences with CSA's, wilderness training, herbal medicine, cooking, etc. We're going to try to set a weekly schedule of Monday and Wednesday from 1-3 and she's starting tomorrow! If anyone would like to come over during those times, please let me know.
2. Judy Durfy, the bee lady, called Friday. She's going to stop by this week to determine the best place to set her hive. She'll be receiving 2 shipments of bees on April 20 and will bring one over as soon as they arrive. So, we'll have some honey bees which we're really excited about! I'll let you know where the hive is.
3. The Chinese cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli have germinated in the cold frames! As soon as they're about 4" tall, we can set them out in the garden. This will probably be in a few weeks so let's hope the ground isn't frozen!
4. We're working on plans for a tool shed, mobile turkey hut and maybe a fruit stand. If anyone wants to build, let me know. We sawed the logs and have quite a bit of lumber to work with now. The sawing took 5 days, not the estimated 1 1/2. So, Dave's in good shape now. It's really heavy.
5. Dixie came down with a slight case of mastitis this week. Our vet came out Monday and she's now on penicillin. But, the kids are still nursing and doing fine so all is well in goat land.

Hope all is well - we have 9 followers on this blog which is fun. If you haven't signed up and are having troubles doing so, let me know.

Keep warm -
Jennifer, Dave, Nathan, Allie & Hannah

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