Monday, May 25, 2009

Start of Distributions!

Distributions start this week! The options are Wednesday evening between 4:30 - 7 and Saturday morning between 9 & 12. If that doesn't work out, please let us know. Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll assume you'll pick up your share on the same day each week. Please let us know at least 3 days in advance if you need to change your pick-up time. If you haven't responded yet, please do so below. That way others can see when things are scheduled. So far I know 3 people will pick up Wed. and 3 will pick up Saturday. We're trying to keep the #'s roughly even for each day.

I'll put together a list of the items that should be in the share for the week. They will include lettuce, kale, collards, mustard greens, spinach, maybe some broccoli raab, thyme, oregano, chives, some lilly of the valley, maybe an iris, maybe some rhubarb and maybe some nettles. I'll probably put the nettles, rhubarb and flowers in an optional bin. If there is something in the package that you do not want, please place the item on the "overflow table". If there's something there that you'd like, please help yourself. We'll figure out what to do with leftovers - maybe they'll be held over until the next pick-up (day-old veggie pile) or maybe they'll go to the chickens or, if we have a lot, I'll figure out how to donate excess produce to Food Gatherer's or another organization.

We got a lot done on Wednesday and Saturday - thanks to all who came out! This last week, we planted about 100 tomato plants, 200 pepper plants, a nice row of Okra, some flowers and herbs. We still have about 200 tomato seedlings that we started from seed along with quite a few flowers also started indoors. Would anyone like a tomato plant? Those will go in over the next 2 weeks along with beans, cukes, summer squash, sunflowers, etc. etc. etc.

Re. Future work days:
We're going to change the time to 9-12 (unless you want to come earlier, just let us know). It's too hot now to work in the afternoons.

See you this week! I probably won't be here Wed. evening so if I miss you, I'll see you next week.


Julie said...

Jennifer - I sent you an email as well. We can pick up Wed. If it is better for us to do Sat (to even thing out) just let me know. I am flexible either way.

Working - We may be able to come Saturday 9-11 (May 30) Rory has soccer at 12 so we would have to leave in time for that. Possible we could come earlier.

Unknown said...

OK - Thanks - everyone has responded. FYI - Carla and Mike were married this weekend! Congratulations. They'll be back in a couple of weeks.

We have 6 pick-ups Wed. and 5 on Sat. So, it's a good distribution. I picked this morning for tomorrow's shares - they're forecasting thunder storms in the morning and I don't want to pick when the plants are wet. I'll pick lettuce, radishes, herbs and flowers tomorrow but so far you'll have 1/4 lb. spinach, 3/4 lb. kale, 3/4 lb. collards, 1/2 lb. mustard greens. Also, there are turnip greens to take if you choose to do so.

Julie said...

I just found a cool little recipe search tool where you can search by ingredients. I looked up collard greens and there was an interesting pinto bean and collard green recipe. The site also lists all the nutritional content of each vegetable. Pretty interesting stuff. Check it out if you need ideas. is where the recipe tool is.