Sunday, December 27, 2009

Food Preservation

Most of the year I am busy planting, weeding, mulching, picking, and trying to keep up with household chores and the children. In order to ensure that we'd have some home-raised vegetables during the winter, much of the fall was spent trying to preserve the veggies. I think I spent about 30 days during September and October cleaning, dicing, canning, freezing and drying. Here's a list of what was put up this year. I'm sure we won't quite make it until late April or mid-May, when the veggies will be growing once again but it will be close:
- About 1 1/2 gallons of tabasco sauce. Now, there are three types and I gave quite a bit away for Christmas so we're probably down to 3/4 gallon. There's the green tobasco (a mix of jalapenos, pablanos, and mole peppers), the red tobasco (chile, ripe jalapenos, and thai peppers) and habanero peppers (all habanero, all the time). Depending on your mood, we have a spice level to please.
- July - 7 quarts of pickles
- August - 36 bags (about a pound each) of green beans - blanched and frozen, 9 pints of relish
- September & into October - 12 bags of beans, 2 bags of broccoli, 16 half-pints and 13 pints of ketchup, 60 quarts of tomatoes, 8 pints of green tomatoes (canned) and 3 quarts of green tomatoes (refrigerator), 9 half-pints of chutney, 21 pints of salsa, 11 half-pints of relish, 12 half pints and 4 pints of apple butter, 8 bags of apple sauce (frozen), 14 half-gallons of apple juice
- October - a quart of oven-dried tomatoes preserved in olive oil and a quart-size bag of oven-dried tomatoes in the freezer
December - 12 bags of kale, 10 bags of brussel sprouts, 5 bags of chard, 20 small heads of cabbage (wrapped in saran wrap and in the fridge), a gallon size bag of turnips (fridge)

There are still carrots and parsnips in the ground so we can dig those as well. We also have about 5 quarts of sour kraut left from last year and probably 50 quarts of '08 tomatoes (I did a lot of tomatoes last year).

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Angela Madaras said...

You are amazing and inspirational girlfriend !!!
I love you and so glad we live so close. I get to share in your bounties!