Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Work Day & Hoop House

Hi there - here's to the enthusiasm of new members! Robin & Steve and Erin & Ben came over last Saturday for a tour and to lend a hand. Robin, Erin, Hannah & I planted 7 flats of tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli. The guys worked on trying to ream out the posts for the hoop house. After 3 hours of: trying to pound out the clay with a sledge; going home for a power washer and attempting to hook it up with frozen hoses; trying to ream them out with a paddle drill; they finally stopped, after clearing 2 of approx. 50 pipes. The next day: Dave borrowed Mike's (Stadium Hardware) hammer drill and dropped it; tried to fix it, took it back; rented a small jack hammer from A-1; the two of us jack hammered away for about 2 more hours and cleared maybe 3 more pipes. Finally, Dave went to Bob's who pulled out the right tool and Dave cleaned out the rest in about 2 hours. So, that job done, we were ready to erect the hoop house.

Now everyone who has been around for awhile knows how excited I've been to get to this job. We thought it might happen in October or November but Thanksgiving was around the corner and most of you also know that around that time, I do every job to the house that has been delayed throughout the year - paint, mud walls, hang ceiling fixtures - whatever. So, the hoop house was on delay. Then the freeze came. Then I came up with a machine that would supposedly do the trick even if the ground was frozen. No time. So, with winter break upon us, we set the goal of erecting the house. With two new members volunteering to come out, I thought it would be helpful if Dave could get some help with those pipes. It started the ball rolling on Saturday. Finally, on Friday we went out to set our corner posts. 4 corners in. 2 so damaged from using the make-shift pipe insert which was supposed to "protect" the pipe that they will probably need to be cut in order to accept the hoops. So, we had to call the factory. It's been a long time since I've called a factory where the first person I speak with can actually answer a question - even longer still that the person can walk over to the "Manager of Installation" - who's on a machine in the plant and has to come down to talk - to confirm that what she's telling me is correct. Jaderloon, folks - if you need a greenhouse, give them a call. They took about an hour out of their day to ship us 2 $10 parts. So, end of story, they sent us the proper post driver and we have now erected 13 hoops and only have about 9 more to go. Woo hoo! There's a lot more to go before we can get the plastic up and secured but hopefully it will be done in 2 -3 weeks, in time to move the seedlings out and get things moving.

So, for anyone who has thought about coming out to help, please give a shout. I'll figure out a job to do and it will be one that needs to be done and you will help move things along. Thanks again Robin, Erin, Steve & Ben.


Angela Madaras said...

Wow your sprouts cam in fast. Did you use organic fertilizer?

Jennifer said...

No - I bought organic potting soil from Downtown Home and Garden. The picture is of broccoli which, as you know, germinates fairly quickly. The tomatoes have all germinated and the last of the poky peppers seem to be coming up now. So far no yellowing so I don't feel the need to fertilize (although they are reaching).