Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Veggie List

Hello all - I've updated the vegetable list on the website. These are the seeds that have arrived thus far. I know there will be a few others - like some Cherokee Trail of Tears Black Beans (an ARK variety) and another variety of onions and lettuce.

We haven't made any progress on the hoop house. Not surprisingly, with the snow last week, no one volunteered to come over. I don't think we could have gone out there anyway. Maybe we could try to work on the hoop house Sunday, March 14. Let me know if you're available.

This weekend is the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance Conference. Dave and I will both attend on Saturday - should be a good one.

Yesterday was the Local Food Summit at the School of Natural Resources in Ann Arbor. What an excellent event filled with so many local farmers and community members committed to promoting local food. Here's an excerpt from an article from Ann

"The Local Food Summit continues today in the Dana Building on campus, where the discussions that started last night will continue in breakout sessions and committees. The goal of this summit is to work toward The 10% Campaign - a push to increase the percentage of locally-grown food in Washtenaw County. Today, county residents source less than 1 percent of the food they eat locally, but organizers hope that their efforts will be able to increase that to 10 percent, resulting in over $90 million “in new direct economic activity.”"


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer- Glad to hear of the conferences going on and the goal to have 10% of food coming from local sources. 10% sounds too low to me, but it would be a start anyway. Keep up the good work.

Miss Mary

Jennifer said...

Mary - For sure, 10% may seem low. But, we're preaching to the choir. If those who don't currently spend that much change their buying habits, what a difference it could make! The MOFFA conf. was amazing - stay tuned for an update.

Tricia said...

Looks like I need to be reading the blog since I'm a member now! I didn't know about the hoop house. We have plans for the afternoon of the 14th - what time were you planning to do the work?

I read through the list and wanted to suggest you add fava beans. I'm not sure how finicky they are or anything like that, but I like them. I was excited to see lots of chiles & peppers on the list. :^)

Angela Madaras said...
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Angela Madaras said...

OOOps I erased my comment.

I can not wait to read more about the conference and local food summit. Where did you say we could get organic manure-soil? See you soon !!!

Unknown said...

Hi there - Tricia - the weather doesn't look good for Sunday - rain that day with lots of rain Sat. predicted. I'm now looking at Wednesday afternoon if I can gather 4 - 7 people. Next weekend looks like rain again but who knows.

Thanks for the idea on fava beans - I've thought about them but haven't grown them so I'll look into it.