Sunday, March 7, 2010

Genetically Modified Food

OK - so they said it would solve hunger world-wide. We'd be able to grow more, more effeciently, with less inputs. The FDA would protect us, right? Unbelievable.

Dave and I attended the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance Conference yesterday and heard from Jeffrey Smith, author of "Seeds of Deception" and "Genetic Roulette" among other books. I can't spend a lot of time writing right now but, suffice it to say, GMO is bad. It causes: 1. 55% mortality rate in fetal rats, 2. Dramatic increases in allergy rates, 3. Blue balls in rats. The gene is passed through the food to your intestinal tract. It continues to survive there.

Will write more later but, please please please, try to buy non-GMO food. This relates to corn, soy, even sugar. Ask the manager at the store if they can stock n0n-GMO food. Buy organic, if you can, as GMOs are prohibited in organic growing.

If we can get 5% of the nation to do this, maybe we can be successful with getting the producers to notice that this is an important point to consider. Europe did it - they now have labeling and GMOs are not allowed. We can do it too!


Cynthia said...

I'm not sure how genes survive my intestinal tract. The purpose of my intestinal tract is to break down cells of stuff that I eat. Genes are part of chromosomes that are in cells, so I am not sure how a gene would surivive on it's own without a cell. Not that I am suggesting GMOs are okay, I am just curious.

Angela Madaras said...

YES !! You can have many possible chemicals living in your intestines and cells. Genes can be modified in an unnatural way which is harmful to humans in the long run. Just look at obesity in children and cancer. Cancer changes the genetic make up of a cell and chemicals can cause cancer.So it is the same with GMO food. it has to show up somewhere if it is unnaturally modified. The intestines are a living breeding ground for good and bad bacteria as well as a place where lots of unwanted substances-toxins and decayed leftovers can hang out for while long enough to be absorbed into the system and possibly change the make up of cells and cellular growth. Cells have memory as well. Trauma for instance can live in a cell's memory. The intestines do a good job of cleansing but imagine you are bombarded with a large dose of growth hormones or fat soluble chemicals, pesticides additives and other crap as well. No pun intended. This can stay there for a while if one does not have a good evacuation system or simply by being absorbed, and do not know for sure, could have half life longer than we are able to flush it out. Just imagine your gut is not working properly and you ate a food item grown with seeds which have been injected with poisonous pesticides. Could it be they hang out for a week and begin to cause diarrhea? Perhaps. Metals and other toxins have shown up in people years and years after they have ingested, absorbed through skin or inhaled. I know because this happened to both my husband and I. Not to mention what the liver looks like after dealing with a heavy dose of pesticides or heavy metals. So the intestines seem no better at breaking these items down if taken in high doses or even minute doses over a period of time. Then there is the cancer thing. We do know radiation (radiated foods) and other harmful chemicals can cause cancer or immune disorders like lupus.

The point is.... Do NOT Buy GMO Foods! It is that simple. Eat whole-organic or natural foods grown the way God intended. Why mess with a good thing? FYI....some farm raised fish is fed GMO corn. Since when do fish eat corn? Natural is always better even if the empirical data shows otherwise. Organic is best. Off of soap box now.