Monday, March 22, 2010

The Hoop House is Up!

Drum Roll, please....we have plastic! The weather cooperated this weekend and we were able to stretch and secure the plastic on our 16' x 96' hoop house. Much thanks to our neighbor, Douglas Madaras, builder extraordinaire, who spent a few days here over the past two weeks and my father, Merlin, who helped dismantle this in the fall and re-set it this spring. It's not 100% complete but is very close. I'm going to go to the Habitat Store today to look for some screen doors to add and we need to put up some aluminum along the bottom foot to keep out the air (or plastic) but other than that, we're in business. Dave even got in there yesterday with the tiller. I'll set out some tomato plants in mid-April and will be planting some cold weather plants in there soon.

By the way - planting in the field will be going on this week and next. If anyone has time during the day and wants to get into the dirt, let me know. I'll be out there working.

Here are some photos of the peppers and tomatoes that have now been transplanted into 3" pots. Many more to plant - tomatoes, eggplant, flowers, etc.


Angela Madaras said...

Yippie !!! Looks great. Can not wait to see it filled with food. "You go girl"!!!!

Chris Podlesnik said...

What?!? No boards to hit our heads on! Looks great!

Angela Madaras said...

FYI...if you want a link to Douglas Madaras' web site go to