Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recycling Opportunities

Here's a list of items needed around here as well as ways you can help recycle and reuse the packaging you receive weekly:

1. Every week you'll receive a box of produce. Please return the box the next time you pick up. They're pretty expensive to replace.
2. There will be rubber bands and occasionally a wooden box containing tomatoes or other items. If you can return these that would be greatly appreciated, especially the pint sized wooden boxes.
3. For those that like to shop/go to garage sales: I use a lot of stainless bowls to gather and wash items as well as display them. If you find any large stainless bowls in a thrift store for $2 - $5, or less, and can buy them, I'll buy them from you.
4. We also accept egg cartons to use for our eggs.
5. You probably don't need to return the plastic bags from your boxes.
6. I might use pillow cases or sheets to keep the produce hydrated. If so, please leave that here when you pick up your box.
7. If you have scraps, you can bring them for the chickens. No moldy food or citrus peels or any skins that aren't organic. Also no potato peelings or carrot peelings or other stringy stuff that isn't cooked. They can choke on stringy, fibrous peels. They love meat fat, meat, veggies, bread, dandelions, etc.

If anyone has other recycling ideas, please share them! Thanks!


Tricia said...

Do you have any use for plastic pint [or larger] containers, like the ones that grocery store (or farmer's market!) strawberries come in?

Can your chickens eat really hard stale bread? My husband is a bread baker, and we often get behind on our loaves and end up with very hard ends (and we haven't yet mastered any bread salads!)

Unknown said...

Hi Tricia - the chickens love stale bread. It gives them something to peck at when they're bored. Also, the plastic bins would be great. I bought some pint-sized wooden baskets but they're a bit flimsy - hope they'll last a bit for cherry tomatoes but we'll see.

Also - another idea is if anyone has the plastic labels that come with plants I could use them. If they're blank on the back, I'll write on them to label seedlings and plants that I plant. Also, the flats - I use them like crazy - also the 3" round pots and even the 4 cell plant cells that tomatoes and flowers come in - I plant seedlings in them. Thanks!