Friday, May 7, 2010

The worries of a farmer

It seems like a lot of people wonder what day to day life is like here on the farm. What's it like to be a farmer. What's it like to do what we do on a daily basis. It's a lot of coordination and planning. It's a lot of communication and juggling. It's a lot of being flexible to changing your plan when rain comes, or doesn't, or plants have an attack of something, or the children need something. Right now, it's a little about worrying. As the growing season shifts into gear the worries of nature come back - hopefully not in a flood - but gushing back just the same. We planted potatoes last Friday. That night we had .3 inches of rain, the following night, 1.3 inches. Nothing significant since but today, 1.4 inches. So now I sit and think about those little potatoes that we so carefully prepared the ground for. We cut them into the right size. We hand dug each hole and made sure their eyes were up. We tucked them in at just the right depth. But, if the water sits there for just a bit too long, they'll rot before they can grow. We'll see. Hopefully in a few days their leaves will pop through and all will be fine. If not, it's early and we still have time to plant again.

For all of the plants that have been planted, I have no worries. They're up and healthy. A few might succumb to wet conditions but, unless there's massive flooding, I'm really not worried at all. They look great.

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