Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rain, again

Not to sound like a broken record, but we had almost 3" of rain last night. Fortunately, the tornado that hit Dundee did not roll through here and I don't think we had severe wind. The hoop is intact - there's evidence of a gully wash toward the entrance but that area isn't planted and all appears OK in there. The front garden was immersed in water - 3/4 of it at least. I was really worried about the garlic because it doesn't like standing water. The east garden had a few puddles but is OK. The west garden - from which we are eating currently - was covered 50% by water this morning. Much thanks to Victoria and Bob who brought over pumps! We've been moving water to the orchard much of the day. There's a lot of water so it will take some time. But the plants are not uprooted and it should work out. There is no standing water in the front garden now. Hopefully it will dry up and the garlic will be OK.

I'm hoping that it will be dry enough for me to walk in there and harvest on Tuesday or Wednesday for this week's distribution. Today I went in barefoot - if you wear your boots or shoes, they just sink in the mud and it's twice as much work to walk than if you go barefoot. But, there are creepy crawly things in there and, when they swim alongside your toes, it's kind of surprising.

If I can find our camera, I'll post pictures.


Angela Madaras said...

what is creeping and crawling? we have two snakes in ours. they are sweet. the frogs are so active too. i think we are over the rain myself !!! for a week or so anyway. saved us from watering. i bet your little farmer girl side kick loved it!!!hope all is well.............

Unknown said...

I think it was either a worm or a frog. It felt like a fish nibbling at my toes - which is very unexpected if you're walking through a veggie garden!