Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pending Work Day

Hi all -
I am rescheduling the work day which was planned for August 28. It will now be this coming Saturday, August 14. Plan for lots of weeding, maybe some potato harvesting, and possibly planting of lettuce, etc. We need help cleaning up the fields and preparing for the visitors which will be coming August 28!

On August 28 we will be erecting our new hoop with the help of Repast - Jeff McCabe and Lisa Gotlieb's entity. Via funds raised from Cafe Selma, they lend money to farmers to help with the construction of hoop houses. To date, they've built 5 or so hoops in the greater Washtenaw county area. Woo Hoo! I applied for assistance with our hoop and they generously approved our request. So, they'll lend the difference between the USDA grant funds and the total cost of the hoop (which we'll repay over 3 years). We will also pay $500 toward their equipment fund. They'll buy equipment which can be leant out to farmers as they need it. They'll supply the labor and expertise to erect our new hoop. We'll provide lunch for all.

All in all, should be fun and we can't wait! I'm waiting to figure out the details but I know that on August 28 it would be helpful to have a few people (or more) to help with getting the food out, setting it up, etc. Much will be prepared 1 or 2 days in advance so if you have time to volunteer for advance food duty, that would be great too. Dave will be coordinating food prep and serving and I'll be focused on the build.

At any rate - all are invited. If you're not working on the build and just want to show up for lunch, please bring a dish to pass. It's a great way to meet other members and community members that are interested in supporting local farmers. I'll probably post a link soon to Repast's site where you can sign up to assist with the build.


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