Sunday, September 19, 2010

And the Food Preservation has begun

I finally started canning in earnest today. I have put it off for as long as I can but now that frost is looming, I decided I'd better get moving before the tomatoes are finished. So I took a box of tomatoes and made about 8 pints of ketchup along with a couple of quarts of fresh salsa. The salsa included one Ghost Pepper, one Fatali (a habenero) and one cayenne. It is spicy. I read my friend Angela's blog posting and followed her advice and wore gloves when cleaning the peppers - that was lucky! The minute I cut into each of the first 2 peppers, I started to sweat. This was just from the scent - and no I wasn't cooking them. Unbelievable! I also made about 10 pints of hotdog relish (equal parts cabbage, green tomatoes, onions and some peppers, along with sugar and some spices) which we really enjoy on an egg sandwich or as an ingredient to make either tartar sauce or french dressing. The children also like to eat the relish as a side dish, which doesn't happen very often. It might not sound like a lot but it sure does take time. I think if everyone made their own ketchup, a lot less would be consumed.

I plan to can about 50 quarts of tomatoes in the next week - we'll see what the garden produces.

I've been lazy about beans, greens and broccoli this year. Last year I froze about 50 bags of beans. In the back of my mind I keep thinking that we can always eat kale from the hoop over the winter. Hopefully that will be the case because the beans are not producing like they did when it was 80 degrees out so I kind of missed the time of plenty.

CSA members - get ready for mustard greens again along with turnips and leeks.

If you haven't bought tomatoes and are still looking for some, please let me know. I think I've given all members the tomatoes you've requested so I'm going to open up sales to the general public now (after our family is set).


Angela Madaras said...

sounds like a lot to me! I did some more hot sauce and salsa but we eat it so fast I am not canning anymore of it. I use the 3-4 month theory on hot sauce and salsa. The peppers must act as a preservative.made a large batch of sup too for freezer. I pickled all the beans I could(gave a lot to family) But the shell beans are ready now to shell. I will have to try the green tomato relish. The chutney you made last year was great.

Angela Madaras said...

Can you use red cabbage for relish?do you cook it down and put in water bath? Never made relish?

Unknown said...

I hot pack my relish (pack it hot and turn upside down until cool and it seals). It's not recommended because the seal isn't as strong so I leave my rings on and that helps. Every once in awhile I'll lose a jar though. But I still prefer this because the product is crunchier than if it's processed. I'm sure you could use red cabbage - would just look different.

Cynthia said...

Yikes, girl....are you adding vinegar to that recipe?

J.Kangas said...

Yes - after fermenting in salt over night, you rinse then add a brine of 4 c vinegar, 2 cups water, about 4 c sugar and some spices. This was for 4 c cabbage, 4 c onions, 4 c green tomatoes and 18 peppers. Bring all to a boil then pack. I've had it keep for a long time.

Cynthia said... scared me for a minute. What you are making is more commonly called Piccalili or Chow Chow.