Friday, September 24, 2010

When I was preparing Wednesday's boxes, I had the chance to see many many creatures in the gardens.  My favorite residents are  Garter Snakes.  They always surprise me but their presence makes me feel comfortable.  When I was picking turnips in the hoop, a 2 foot biggie slithered out from under the huge leaf mass.  Along with the snake, I saw many American Toads and even a few tree frogs.  Of course there are also bugs - so many flea beetles that I thought they were small turds at first.  But then they hopped.  This year there's a new fuzzy caterpillar - yellowish to grayish - that looks sort of like a Woolly Bear.  They like to hang out in the chinese cabbage and other brassicas.  There's also some bug that is forming cocoons in the chinese cabbage - little brown 1/4" long pods.

The bees are in full swing right now.  They are everywhere.  Some of the basil has bloomed and they're swarming every flower.  Of course they love the ragweed and were also swarming some of the broccoli that had bloomed.  I e-mailed Judy Durfy and suggested she add another super to the 2 hives in our back woods.  Last year they swarmed in early October

This has been the year of the flea beetle.  It has chewed

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