Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Distributions begin Wednesday!

Happy Spring, 2011!

I think we can now safely say spring is here!  The daffodils are starting to bud out, the apple trees are starting to wake up, the crocuses are in bloom.  And what a storm last night!  Lightning, thunder, 1.1 inches of rain.  All accompanied by a perigee moon.  It was beautiful this morning, just before sunrise - low on the horizon, shimmering in the haze.

Lettuce with mustard in background
Here are some pictures from the hoop.  For those of you participating in the spring share this year, get ready.  The greens are very sweet and robust.  Try things raw that you normally would cook - I think you'll be surprised.
Lacinato, Siberian and Red Russian Kale
Last night we had a little kale.  We generally remove the ribs of the kale and compost them or feed them to the animals but they're so tasty right now.  We saute the greens, as usual, and then I saute the stems.  Here's the picture.  They take a little more time than the leaves so I do these either before and add the leaves or take the leaves out and cook them after.  Yum!  Allie said they taste like broccoli and she's right.
Kale stems - yum!


Tricia said...

I'm happy to see all that spinach! :^)

Angela Madaras said...

Oh last nights dinner was so green and delicious! fresh mustard-leek salad. mmmmm

Cynthia said...

Looks beautiful!