Saturday, October 29, 2011

Garlic Planting Time is Upon Us

We began planting garlic yesterday.  We have planted about 50 pounds of garlic thus far and hope to get in another 20 pounds on Monday.  If you would like to buy seed garlic, please let me know - you need to plant soon.  $8/lb and supplies are limited.  2 years ago we planted the following:  German Red (7.5#), Polish White (8 #), Italian Purple (9.75#), and Metechi (5#). Last year we saved the largest heads.  This year we did the same.  So we now have a mix of the original stock and I cannot tell you which variety is which but they are all tasty. 

If you'd like to purchase garlic in bulk, it is still available at $5/lb.  Seed garlic is larger per head than the general garlic.

Other than that, we're working hard to get all of the fall clean-up tasks done.  We're pulling the drip tape from the field and tilling and sowing winter rye when we can.  Where the potatoes once grew, winter rye is now growing.  The peppers have been picked from the field and the tender crops (dill & tarragon) have been covered with row cover.  We're working on buttoning up the hoop houses for winter.  The tomatoes have now been pulled from the middle hoop and it was planted last Monday with winter greens.  They won't produce much until mid-Feb. but they're in the ground and ready to go.  The newest hoop is now rocking and we're harvesting spinach, baby brassicas, collards, kale and soon, lettuce from there.  Carrots and turnips are not far behind.

The day length is currently at a 10h 38m day with every day 2 min. 33 sec shorter until Dec. 21. The seeds that don't germinate soon will wait for a couple of months or more until they feel like stretching their roots, stems and leaves.  Those that do germinate will huddle together between alternating days of pure sunshine and gray skies and patiently wait until we return to this period of 10 h 38 m of day length.  Then they will once again jump up and shout out -  pick me, pick me!

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