About Capella

We own a small farm just west of Ann Arbor in Southeast Michigan.  We purchased our farm in 2003 and have been growing organically here since.  In 2009, we started selling veggies to a small group of CSA members (Community Supported Agriculture) and have steadily grown in size.   We now raise veggies, flowers and herbs on 3 acres of land which includes two 30' x 96' hoophouses and one 16' x 96' hoop .    The hoop shown below was built in August, 2010.

We grow a large variety of veggies and also raise a limited number of Boer goats, chickens and turkeys.  The goats eat grass during the summer along with a little hay and the does also receive grain when they're expecting kids and nursing.  The poultry is housed in large grassy areas and ranges freely when we can keep an eye on them.  All supplemental feed (grain) is purchased from a Michigan grower that also follows organic-growing practices (no GMO seed, etc.).  We strive to purchase locally.  Our goats are meat goats, not dairy goats.

Why Capella?  This is one of the brightest stars in the Milky Way and has a long line of references in literature and mythology.  It means "little she goat" in Latin.

Jennifer Kangas
Email: capellafarm@gmail.com
Phone: 734 347 3320

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