Hi there -
We're currently accepting applications for farm hands and interns!

Please review the following info. and send in your info.  We're looking forward to hiring some motivated workers that want to have fun growing beautiful, tasty veggies over the next few years!  Here you will experience all aspects of small-scale farming, working as a team to make it happen.

Farm:              Capella Farm
                        Jennifer Kangas, Owner
                        6755 Scio Church Road
                        Ann Arbor, MI  48103
                        734-761-3554 (home)
                        734-347-3320 (cell)

Background:  We are a small farm located just 7 miles west of Ann Arbor and are beginning our 6th year of operations .  My husband and I, along with our three children (6, 9 & 11) live here along with our 2 cats, 6 meat goats, multiple chickens and a few turkeys.  I run the farm throughout the year and my husband teaches high school English. 

Summary of our Veggie Operation:
  • We follow organic growing practices and sell year-round
  • We grow over 45 types of veggies and many varieties of each.  We also grow flowers and herbs. The entire list includes about 220 items.
  • Our 12 acre property is partly wooded; the gardens total approx. 2.2 acres. I also rent about 7 tillable acres 1/2 mile to the west of our property. 
  • We grow throughout the year in 3 hoop houses, two of which are 30’ x 96’ and  one of which is 16’ x 96’. 
  • Our primary income is generated through the sale of CSA shares and we offer four sessions – winter and spring (25 members), summer (75 members) and fall (40 members). 
  • We also plan to sell through the Ypsi, Dexter and Dixboro farmer's markets this summer.  
  • We sell excess produce to a few restaurants and retailers. 

Positions Available:  We might need an additional field hand and possibly an intern or two, depending on interest and fit.

Capella Farm is small enough that all employees have a chance to do everything – from helping plan the harvest to harvesting to wash/pack to weeding to preparing lunch to understanding the numbers.  The potential to be exposed to any aspect of the business is only limited by a person’s interest.  Some people simply want to work outside and others want to eventually run their own farm.  We have space for any type of worker.  The most important factor is that we all work well together and provide our members with tasty, nutritious veggies, beautiful flowers and a variety of herbs.

If you’re interested in applying for any of the following positions, please send a letter stating why you want to work on a farm and why you think you’d be a good fit for our farm, along with your resume.  Thanks – we look forward to hearing from you!

Assistant Farm Manager (Currently full)
Payscale - $9 - $10 per hour, depending upon experience
Start date:  March 5.
Hours:  During March, 2 – 3 days per week from 9 – 3 or 4, April through September, min. 5 days per week from 8 – 4, October and November, 2 – 3 days per week, December, January and February, to be determined.

We hope to find a candidate that is willing to commit to at least 2 years here on the farm.  This person will work closely with the lead farmer and will be responsible to cover in her absence.

Job Duties
  • Consult with farmer before the work day to plan tasks for that day
  • Consult with farmer after the work day to report day’s work and plan for the next day
  • Assist with managing field hands
  • Help manage succession planting schedule
  • Keep seedlings watered
  • Manage transplants
  • Assist with venting of hoop houses
  • Help ensure that vegetables harvested are of high quality, sufficient amounts and are handled in the best manner possible
  • All duties of field hand
  • Manage all aspects of farm in absence of Lead Farmer
  • Assist with Farmer’s Markets, as necessary

Qualities/Experience Necessary
·        Minimum one year working as a field hand on commercial farm or related educational experience
·        Strong reference from a previous employer
·        Positive attitude
·        Ability to work well within a small team
·        Able to communicate clearly and prioritize tasks
·        Able to adapt quickly to change
·        Fast, efficient worker yet able to stop to think about the big picture
·        Demonstrated ability to lead a team  (if the right candidate does not have prior management experience, it is still possible to apply)
·        Able to follow instructions and implement a plan
·        Strong work ethic
·        Willingness to work late, if necessary, to complete tasks

Field Hand
Payscale - $7.5 - $9 per hour, depending upon experience
Work Period:  May 15 through the end of Septemberish, depending on the crops.
Hours:  We work 5 - 6 days per week from 8 – 5 and looking for someone to join us for 4 or 5 days per week.

Job Duties
  • Consult with farmer before the work day to plan tasks for that day
  • Understand safety standards and practice safe handling of all produce
  • Weed as necessary
  • Harvest
  • Assist with bed preparation
  • Help scout for disease and predatory insects
  • Help protect the soil and biodiversity of the farm by rouging out problem weeds and insects, using low-till methods, etc.
  • Assist with lunch preparation and clean-up
  • Spread compost and mulch
  • Assist with animals as needed
  • Make sure tools are clean and put away at end of day
  • Help keep farm clean and presentable
  • Assist with other duties, as requested

·        Positive attitude
·        Strong references
·        Able to adapt quickly to change
·        Fast, efficient worker
·        Open and able to ask questions if instructions are not clear
·        Able to follow instructions and implement a plan
·        Strong work ethic
·        Willingness to work late, if necessary, to complete tasks

Intern –
If there is a candidate looking for some work experience for one month or more, we would like to chat.  There are many opportunities for involvement – from building a distribution shed & wash/pack station to keeping Facebook updated (uploading weekly pictures, creating video) to assisting with record-keeping to helping keep inventory organized to helping apply for organic certification to helping in the fields.  While this would not be a fully-paid position, we could offer veggies as available and possibly a small stipend.  If interested in applying, please send an e-mail or letter outlining your area of interest, how you think you could help our operation and why you are interested in working on a farm.  Thanks!